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Tommy Wallace

Selected for B&W Exhibition

2019 MiraMobile Prize

Honorable Mention

59th Annual Delta Exhibition, 2017

Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

Honorable Mention, 2015-2018

Mobile Photo Awards


3rd Quarter Android Photo Awards, 2014

Mobile Photo Awards




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As a smartphone photographer since 2011, Tommy has developed his skills in many areas pertaining to this form of art. His experiences have exposed him to photographers around the world who have influenced his development.

Teaching smartphone courses over the last five years has given Tommy the opportunity to assist students with the challenges and issues faced when capturing photos by smartphone and using the excellent apps available for post editing.

I have taken two different classes under Tommy Wallace’s instruction. One class was outdoors, hands on while the other was more of a classroom setting. I felt I learned a lot from him in both settings. Not only was he knowledgeable about and taught us basics  about smartphone photography skills, he taught us quite a bit about editing photos as well.


Introduction to Smartphone Photography

Crista D.

United States

I have taken 3 sets of classes from Tommy and even though I consider myself an experienced amateur photographer, I have learned news things in editing and new things in photography with every class. A person is NEVER too experienced to stop learning. For that reason, I look forward to attending more of Tommy’s classes and continued instruction. Thanks for the help.




Wally J,

United States

Available Lessons & Classes


Private Lesson

Meet Tommy and learn a quick lesson about the value of Snapseed.

15 Min.


FREE Trial With Tommy



Private Lesson

Learn tremendous editing skills in the Snapseed app. This tool will make your smartphone photos!

30 Min.

Snapseed Editing Techniques (30 Min.)

/ Lesson


Class (English)

Get stunning photos by capturing strong shots and editing for a great finish

1 Hour

Introduction to Smartphone Photography

/ Class


Private Lesson

Learn tremendous editing skills in the Snapseed app. This tool will make your smartphone photos!

1 Hour

Snapseed Editing Techniques (60 Min.)

/ Lesson

Tommy's Portfolio