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Mike James

+20 Years of Experience




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Hi, I'm Mike a twenty-year veteran photographer/educator, and now a self-declared mobile photography 'purist'. I capture, edit and share all my photos on my smartphone and iPad. As you can imagine, capturing long exposure images on my iPad attached to a professional tripod turns a few heads!

My passion is helping you the smartphone photo enthusiast become more visually literate and transform your snapshots into impactful WOW images. Jargon-free photography theories and editing apps will have you creating images on your existing phone that you will be proud to print, post and share.

Check out my free smartphone photography course and online tutorials at The one-on-one session really is the best way to learn combining the benefits of online and in-person learning.


Look forward to meeting you!

- Mike

Available Lessons & Classes

My 6-step photo editing process using Snapseed plus bonuses.

1 Hour

Class (English)

Mike's 6-step Editing Process

/ Class


Private smartphone photo editing lesson.

30 Min.

Private Lesson

Open Ended Editing

/ Lesson


Photo critiques and suggestions. Receive unbiased feedback.

20 min.

Private Lesson

Photo Critique and Coaching

/ Lesson


Private smartphone photo editing lesson.

1 Hour

Private Lesson

Open Ended Editing (Extended)

/ Lesson


Mike's Portfolio


A one-on-one workshop is a great way to receive the most relevant information and guidance you need to get the most out of your smartphone. Learn the techniques specific to what you like to capture and the mobile photo editing apps that work best for you and your mobile device.

A one-on-one session will accelerate your learning and have you capturing stunning images that no-one will believe you captured on your smartphone.


Here is some feedback from previous workshop and course attendees:

Before this course, I was unaware of all the super-easy - but super-smart things - I had at my fingertips, for taking great photos on my phone. I now have all I need to start experimenting and improving my mobile photo form. I am sending everyone I know to Mike!

Private Workshop

Stephanie B.

Really loved this course, the videos are quick and easy to watch, which I think is important. I also like that the information was kept simple. I picked up a few tips too, like the grid lines, which I've now turned on. I love the fact that my mobile phone camera can help me take great photos. Highly Recommended.

Private Workshop

Carole W.

Just binge watched them Mike... Well planned, everything flowed, simple and easy to understand. You speak in a clear friendly manner. I certainly learned things. right from the beginning. Oops I've never cleaned my lens.

Private Workshop

Cheryle M.