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Miguel Camero

Invited Artist

2013 iPad Mobile Masters App

Natural Objects of the Huasteca

2002 State Scholarship 

Photo Industry PEMEX en el Río Pánuco

1994 State Scholarship 





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Miguel has been a professional photographer since 1988. Since 1990 he participated in several groups exhibitions across Mexico, Los Angeles, Paris, and London, among other cities.


There are 18 exhibitions / individual projects. He has ventured into video productions since 2000. He has received two state scholarships. From 2011 to 2016 he was part of the planning committee of the Stimulus to Creation Program for Artistic Development of the State of Tamaulipas (PECDA) . He has received two public recognitions from: Tampico City Council in 2004 for his contribution to the development of local photography, and in 2010 for the group of independent artists "Cecilia

Sanz de Ridaura Culture and Art", for his photographic career and his cultural management.

Since 1995 he has taught photography workshops in several cities of México and Texas, US. He

started making a photo with iPhone since 2009. In 2013 he was invited to be part of the iPad

app "Mobile Masters" His work has been part of several collectives of iPhonegraphy in various

venues in the world. His work has been selected to be part of several photography publications

with smartphone, in Mexico, USA, UK and France.

Street Photography

Ana C.

United States

Miguel is very generous with his knowledge, he really wants people to learn. I like it to be

a person who respects both the work and the students. He sees potential in the proposals, I loved that. He taught me to see photography from another point of view, I learned a lot with him.

Group Workshop

Street Photography

Sandra R. 

United States

Excellent workshop. I learned from a great professor, from his techniques I was able to see more into what I see and into photography and about what I should be focusing on.

Group Workshop

iPhone Photography

Andrea A.


The experience I had having been a student of Miguel Camero has been endless, he has

always transmitted and shared his knowledge, which is also an endless source of inspiration. Without hesitation I want to continue being his apprentice. I would summarize it in one word: extraordinary!

Group Workshop

Available Lessons & Classes



Does an iPhone Make Me a Photographer?

Private Lesson

Ideas exchange about the old concepts and new. Technics, artistry, experimenting and concept development.

30 Min.

/ Workshop


Imaginary Fictions

Private Workshop

Experimenting with photo collage, fictional storytelling.

- Workshop includes 2 classes

- 2 hours each class

4 Hours 

/ Workshop


Landscape Renders

Private Workshop

Creating our own experimental urban and natural landscapes.

- Workshop includes 2 classes

- 2 hours each class

4 Hours 

Lightmob live iPhone photography classes

/ Workshop


Rendering Portraits

Group Workshop

Experimenting with renders and reflections about self portrait and portrait photography.

- Workshop includes 4 classes

- 2 hours each class

8 Hours

Lightmob live iPhone photography classes

Miguel's Portfolio