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Laurence Bouchard

1st Place Winner of Street Photography

2018 Mobile Photo Awards

1st Place Winner of Street Photography

2017 Mobile Photo Awards




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Laurence Bouchard is a Tokyo based street photographer from the U.K.  He moved to Tokyo in 2009 and this sparked his interest in photography.  Initially, he was using just his iPhone for photography and this led to Apple selecting him to represent Tokyo for their iPhone 7 campaign in 2017.  The ‘Shot on iPhone 7’ campaign enlisted a group of photographers around the world to capture life from ‘dusk til dawn’ using the low-light camera on the iPhone 7.  The resulting photos were displayed on billboards in 25 countries around the world.  After the iPhone 7 campaign, Laurence invested in a Sony digital camera but continues to shoot with both cameras interchangeably.  In 2017 & 2018 Laurence won the Street Photography category in the Mobile Photography Awards. 

Street Photography


April 2019

With Laurence, me and my girlfriend had a private workshop for about four hours and it was a great experience I can recommend to you. You will capture great stuff, I recommend to use the b/w mode with high contrast. The results are amazing and Laurence is a very nice guy with a lot of experience and he takes the time to explain all the necessary stuff for composition and camera settings. So if you would like to improve your urban street photography skills, then go for it and book this workshop. Worth every yen! Greets from Germany.

Private Workshop on EYExplore

Street Photography


April 2019

Laurence is a great guide! A bit soft spoken and very creative-he has inspired me to take more street photos on my own, both while in Japan and back in my native San Francisco. I opted for the hotel pickup—he was on time and ready to start. The walk to the metro station was well spent with a mutual intro and an overview of what we were going to do for the session.

We took photographs mainly in Meguro, Roponggi and Minato, and that was more than enough. Tokyo has so many opportunities to take photos of people and architecture that I felt we could have even stayed in just one location to shoot. I especially liked how Laurence showed me to look for patterns and backgrounds against which to take people shots—I feel that this opened up the street photo genre for me.

For this workshop, I recommend bringing a light kit (one body, one zoom lens). If your camera has an articulating LCD or performs well in bright sunlight, even better, since you will be outdoors a lot! It was very sunny during this session, and it created very dramatic contrasts in the shots that I took. We walked a lot, so comfortable shoes, a light jacket for when the breeze picks up, a head cover, sunscreen.

I really enjoyed this workshop, and I feel it added to my skills as a photographer.

Private Workshop on EYExplore

Street Photography

Orchid F.

April 2019

I spent a fantastic 4 hours with Laurence on this workshop. It turned out that I was the only one that day so I had his undivided attention. Laurence has a great eye for seeing patterns and shadows and he took me to places that I would never have found on my own in a few days in Tokyo. Even though the day was overcast and the shadows weren’t strong, I still got some very good shots as Laurence knows where to go. In several places where few people were walking due to the time of the day, Laurence acted as the model for me. Even though I have been doing photographing for a long time, I still learned a lot from Laurence ‘s insights. His workshop is invaluable, well worth the price as it saved me a lot of time searching for places when I had limited time. I have no hesitation recommending Laurence and his workshop to any photographer who want to photograph a different perspective of Toyko.

Private Workshop on EYExplore

Available Lessons & Classes

Snapseed Post Processing

Private Lesson

Snapseed has been my ‘Go to App’ for quite a few years now.  I use it to post process about 99% my images via my iPad.  In this class I’ll run you through my editing

30 Min.

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