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Christian Horgan

1st Place Winner - Landscape

2017 IPPAwards

2nd Place Winner - Portrait 

2019 IPPAwards

7X Honorable Mention - Various Categories

2019/2018/2017 IPPAwards




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Christian Horgan works in Film, Television and Radio as a director, producer and presenter.  He is based in Western Australia, with his work screening nationally and around the world.


Christian has always had a love of photography and has adapted his eye to create captivating images with his phone.  He is self-taught, with his images receiving international recognition.  Christian has the opportunity to capture images from the filming locations he travels to, but much of what he photographs is a unique take on what he comes across in everyday life.  He’s all about using his iPhone to see the world in a different light. 


There is beauty all around you, and Christian will teach you how to recognise it, and capture it.

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