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Andrea Bigiarini

Founder of 

The New Era Museum

Juror at 

MIRA Mobile Prize 2019

Mobgraphia Awards 2018

Appeared on the list of international photographers selected by Jack Lang, former French Minister of Culture and current Preseident of the Institut Du Monde Arabe






Available Lessons & Classes

Private Class (English)

Every day we take pictures of our surroundings without knowing exactly why. STREETZ BASIC introduces you to the world of Street-Photography starting from the basics, concepts and philosophy of this photographic genre, radically changing the way you look at the street and the people who populate it.

Streetz BASIC Workshop


/ Lesson


1 Hour

Workshop (English)

This workshop will help you understand how we perceive images and how to use this to create photos of great conceptual impact.




The 22nd Element Workshop

(22 Sessions)

+See More Details HERE

/ Workshop


(~$20 / session)

Each session is 2 Hours

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Andrea Bigiarini is a professional photographer and digital artist born and living in Florence, Italy. He is passionate about clouds, landscapes and nature. 

Andrea has been fascinated since boyhood by painting,  illustration, graphic design and photography. In 2012, Andrea founded The New Era Museum, the first museum devoted to mobile photography as a tool for the improvement of reality and the building of a new era.

He is the Artistic Director and the Founder of The New Era Museum (NEM) and also of the related photographic groups with more than 500 worldwide artists and photographers:

Andrea is the visionary and curator of the Impossible Humans & Most Wanted Visionaries projects. 

He is the brain of some of the most revolutionary events, exhibitions and live art performances of photography and Mobile Photography:


Andrea has been a member of the jury for many international photography contests:

  • Mobgraphia 2018 Awards (Brazil) - LINK

  • MIRA Mobile Prize 2018 (Portugal) - LINK


His work has been exhibited in many galleries around the world.

Andrea Bigiarini appeared on the list of international photographers selected by Jack Lang, former French Minister of Culture and current Preseident of the IMA ("Institut Du Monde Arabe.

Most recently, Andrea's work varies from film photography to a hybridization between photography and digital painting techniques.

When I think of a Renaissance man, Andrea Bigiarini comes to mind. Andrea is not only a photographer but also dabbles in other art forms as well including music and writing. On top of his talents he has a wonderful sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Geri C. 

Art of Mob


Share one mobile photography/art tip:

Yes. The most important: INNOVATE. There’s no art without an innovation of contents – there’s no art without the technique of innovation. In few words: don’t do what others do. I think that a “Messenger” is more powerful than an “Artist”. The “Messenger” is more powerful than a mystic because they use a new vocabulary in every form of expression before the people. A mystic has a restricted vocabulary because is not oriented to the people. This is the difference: who is able to create something for the people is a “Messenger”. Who create things for themselves is only an onanist and not people oriented so we have to redefine who is not an artist and what is not art.


Joanne C.

The App Whisperer

Full Interview Here

Maje, contaminazioni e fusioni tra Immagini e Suoni di Marco Testoni e Andrea Bigiarini. Foto animate dalla musica come un film dalla colonna sonora.



Full Interview Here

Andrea Bigiarini ci porta uno spicchio di se stesso, del suo legame con l’arte ed il mondo dell’iPhoneografia, e del suo rapporto con l’universo tecnologico.


Sergio R.


Full Interview Here

Abbiamo incontrato al Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Andrea Bigiarini, visionario videoartista, scrittore, artista digitale. Ideatore del New Era Museum. Filosofo e pensatore coraggioso del fare arte.





Andrea's Portfolio